User Count Exceeded

On your host server installation:

  1. Download appropriate net.dat file on the PC*MILER host machine, save the file (net.dat) to the \App Folder (Default Location: c:\ALK Technologies\PCMILERXX\App)
  2. Open the file pcm_server.log in the App folder and edit all number values for each machine to 0 then save the file.
    -You can use this pcm_server.log to track your license usage.
  3. Verify that the root PC*MILER folder permissions on the server have "Domain Users", "Domain Admins", "Authenticated Users", "Users", and "Administrators" set to "Full Control".

Downloads - Net.dat




This issue generally occurs because the users do not have proper rights to grab/release licenses. To avoid this in the future, make sure all users/user groups have Full Control to the PC*MILER share permissions and security on the server.

If you are experiencing frequent License Count issues, it can be a result of one of three things:

  1. Insufficient number of users - PC*MILER Interactive (UI), Connect, and Mapping each count as a separate license per usage. If you have 1 user that has PC*MILER Interactive opened and they are also getting mileage and a map in a Truck Management System or 3rd party application, it is possible that 1 user is using 3 licenses at one time.

  2. Citrix/Terminal Server Usage - If you are using a Citrix or Terminal Server environment, your licenses may not release properly. The PC*MILER Network license was not designed to work in a Citrix/Terminal server environment so there can be issues such as this. We do offer Citrix/Terminal Server licenses that do not experience license count issues.
    NOTE: If you would like to discuss changing your license type to Citrix/Terminal Server, please contact: 800-377-6453 x1;

  3. Permissions - To properly grab and release licenses from PC*MILER all users and user groups require Full Control to the PC*MILER Share and Security permissions on your server.