PC*MILER’s optional time and date settings allow you to generate routing that calculates estimated times of arrival (ETA) and departure (ETD). An ETA is calculated for every stop and toll plaza on the route, and time-based road restrictions are factored into route calculations. (The Tolls add-on must be installed to access toll information.

Steps to Generate Time-Sensitive Routing  

1. (Optional) Select the File menu > Application Settings > Units to select a Time Zone and change the Time Format. The time format is AM/PM by default, and the default time zone is Local time (the time at each stop). The time zone affects ETA/ETD reporting but not how travel times are calculated. Click Save to save changes.

Time Zones

  • Local: Reported ETA/ETD will conform to the time zone where each stop or toll plaza is located (applies in all world regions).  
  • System: ETA/ETD at stops and toll plazas will be reported based on the time zone setting on the host computer. 
  • Specific: (Available only for North America and Europe regions.) Select a time zone by region. Options will reflect the currently active world region. ETA/ETD at all stops and toll plazas will be reported using this time zone.

2. In a route window, click the Arrival/Departure drop-down before or after entering stops and select your options:

  • Arrival/Departure: Select Depart now for the trip’s time of departure at the origin to be the current time; Depart at… to set a departure day/time at the trip’s origin; or Arrive by… to set the target arrival time at the trip’s last stop. By default, the Arrival/Departure option is set to None.
  • Day/Date: Select either Specific Date or Day of the Week. To enter a date, either type it in the text box or click the calendar and select a date. To specify a day of the week, click the drop-down list.
  • Time of Day: This is the targeted local time at the arrival/departure location. Type in a time or use the arrows.
  • Travel Speeds: If the Traffic add-on is licensed and installed, use this drop-down to apply traffic speeds instead of PC*MILER’s average road speeds by road class to calculate more precision. 

3. Click OK to close the Arrival/Departure drop-down.  

4. With two or more stops entered, click Run. Estimated arrival and departure times at all stops on a route will be calculated. If a target Arrival time was entered, the necessary ETD from the origin to meet that target will be shown. ETA/ETD calculations do not include break times or stop times. 

These same Arrival/Departure options can also be set in the Route Options dialog.