Route Options let you customize and apply settings to the currently open route. Those settings will override any options in a route profile for that individual route. If you'd like, you can then save those route options to a new route profile or to the Default route profile and use them again in future routing. 

Route Options can be accessed in one of the following ways: 


    • In a route window, select the gear button > Options

    • Select the Routes tab > Options

    • Use the Alt+F3 shortcut.

(Click on the headings below for more details.)


Route Name


Enter a Route Name at the top of the dialog to assign a unique name to the current route. This name will appear in the title bar of the route window, in the route legend in the map window, and in reports.  


Vehicle Dimensions


Learn about vehicle dimensions.


Routing Preferences


Learn about routing preferences


Reporting Preferences


Learn about reporting preferences




Set a time/day of arrival or departure for a trip, and select which road speeds to use in ETA/ETD calculations. These same settings can be found in each route window. The default is None. In PC*MILER 34 and higher, the default can be set to Depart Now for all routes in File > Application Settings > General > Default Arrival/Departure.


Saving Your Changes


Your edits in the Route Options can be saved and applied in three ways:  

1. Click Save to apply the custom settings you entered to the currently open route. These settings won’t be applied to the route profile displayed in the upper right corner.  

2. Click the gear button (upper right corner) and select Save Options as New Profile, enter a name for the new route profile, then click Save. You’ll see the new profile listed the next time you open the Manage Profiles feature.

3. Click the gear button (upper right corner) and select Save Options as Default Profile to save your custom settings to the PC*MILER Default route profile.