It’s always strongly suggested to back up important files frequently to a different location in case the unexpected occurs.  The following customized data in PC*MILER can be backed up:


    • Geofences 

    • Default routing options 

    • Default road speeds 

    • Routing Profiles 

To  create a backup, copy your files into a separate folder, preferably one that is located on a second computer or device.  Your custom data files can be found in a “Save” folder in the PC*MILER installation.  The location of the Save folder in different types of PC*MILER installations is shown below:    

    • PC*MILER - NA - US/Canada Base 

        - C:\ALK Technologies\PCMILERXX\Data\Base\save

    • PC*MILER - Highway WorldWide 

        - C:\ALK Technologies\PCMILERXX\Data\WW\save

    • PC*MILER - Streets Africa/Asia/Middle East/Oceania/South America 

        - C:\ALK Technologies\PCMILERXX\Data\XX\save