PC*MILER's traffic data can help you generate more accurate transit times and ETAs. A subscription to the Traffic add-on is required and you must have an Internet connection.  

ETA/ETD estimates can be generated with or without using traffic data. If you choose not to activate traffic data, travel times and ETAs will be calculated based on PC*MILER’s average road speeds by class of road in each state or province. (To view or customize these road speeds, select the File menu > Application Settings > Road Speeds.)

To Use Traffic Data 

In Arrival/Departure drop-down menu of the route window, select either:

  • Depart Now. With this option, you can choose Real-time Traffic to generate travel times and ETAs based on current traffic patterns. Real-time traffic data will be used for the first 60 miles and historical data will be used for the remainder of the route. 

  • Depart at... or Arrive by.... By selecting either of these options, you can choose Historical Traffic to generate travel times and ETAs based on how average traffic patterns affect speeds on the roads used by the generated route.

To Use Traffic Data by Default

To use traffic data by default, select the Routes tab > Options > Arrival/Departure and select the traffic option under Travel Speeds. Next, save this setting to the Default route profile: select the gear button > Save Options as Default Profile. Or choose Save Options as New Profile to save a new route profile to use regularly.