Time-based routing integrates road restrictions that are active only during specific times. These restrictions are enabled when you select an arrival or departure time for a trip – PC*MILER will route around roads that have time-based restrictions.

These special restrictions may include roads that are closed in one or more directions; have a temporary closure in one or more directions (construction/natural disaster); have a restriction on a particular truck configuration (weight, hazardous material) in one or both directions; have a special speed limit in effect;  or have a particular lane closed or allowed.  

For example, the CO-82 highway from Aspen, CO to Buena Vista, CO is closed in winter;  so if an arrival or departure time during the winter season is entered, PC*MILER will route around I-82. (Note that the roads the alternate route takes may vary depending on whether the Highway Only route option is active in the route’s options or profile. Using local streets in routing generally provides a route that is closer to the original one – in this case the spring, summer and fall route.)

Overriding Restrictions

Choosing to override Restrictions in the Route Options dialog or a route profile will override these time-based restrictions, along with all other restrictions. Where a route travels on a restricted road, warnings will appear in the route window (a red circle, hovering over it provides a brief description), and in the Detailed and Driver’s reports.  

The information provided in warnings will be formatted as follows:

        Days of the Week:  SMTWTFS.  Any days during which the restrictions don’t apply appear as a dash, e.g. S-T-TFS. 

        Hours:  XX:XX AM – XX:XX PM, or XX:XX – XX:XX  if 24 Hours (“military time”) is selected in the File menu > Application Settings > Units tab. 

        Months: Includes the three-letter abbreviation of all valid months. 

        Days:  Date range in every month from X-Y, e.g. 7-10. 

        Weeks: Week range in every month from X-Y, e.g. 1-2.