PC*MILER’s traffic features enable more precise time-based routing by giving you access to real-time and historical traffic data for roads throughout the United States and Canada. This data can also be used to display historical, typical or real-time traffic patterns in the PC*MILER map window. (A Traffic license and an active Internet connection are required.)

In addition, when Arrival/Departure is set to Depart now in the Routes window, PC*MILER takes live reports of road closures into account when calculating the route.

To display traffic on the map

1. Select the Map tab > Show Traffic or select Traffic… in the right mouse menu off the map window to open the Traffic Display window.  

2. To turn on the display, select either Congestion or Speed at the top of the Traffic Display window. Options in this window are:



  • Congestion:  Show the amount of congestion relative to Typical (see Time options below). 
  • Speed:  Show absolute traffic speeds.   
  • Off:  Turn the traffic display off.  


  • Now:  Display real-time data (Internet connection required). 
  • Historical:  Display past traffic patterns. The Historical option displays average traffic based on patterns created using a historical time slice: 7 days in a week, with each day divided into 15-minute time slices.  
  • Typical: This option pertains only to road speeds (not congestion) and represents road speeds that are typical when there is no traffic congestion.

Historical Day & Time 

  • Using the radio buttons and slider bar or arrows, indicate a day of the week and time of day for the display of historical data.

Traffic Display on the Map

Traffic patterns are drawn on the map at zoom levels 6-20. If you are working with a real-time display, it may take anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or so for the display to update, depending on the speed of your Internet connection and when updated traffic information becomes available.

Traffic Legends 

Real-time traffic displays these legends:  

Historical traffic legends display the day of the week and time setting: