Least Cost routing uses the costs you enter—such as fuel cost per mile and labor cost per hour—to generate a series of possible routes with distance, time and cost estimates. You can then choose an optimal route based on those estimates. If the Tolls add-on is licensed and installed, toll costs are factored in as well. 

To calculate Least Cost routing

1. In a new route window, enter an origin and at least one destination, then run the route. If there are any cost settings that need to be specified, they can be entered in Application Settings > Route Costs.

2.  Select the Routes tab > Optimize > Least Cost Routing. A separate window will open that displays the possible routes on a map and the calculated totals for each route. The most efficient calculated totals for distance, costs, hours and tolls will be highlighted in yellow.

3. To hide a route on the map, uncheck it in the Visible column.

4. To use one of the generated routes, highlight it and click Save Selected Options. The calculated totals will appear in the route window, replacing the original route.

5. Click Print to print the Least Cost route calculations in a Comparison report.