Mexican Locations

Mexican locations can be entered using a postal code, or a city name plus a two-letter abbreviation


puerto vallarta, ja


Some Mexican and U.S. locations have the same postal code assigned to them. The way PC*MILER handles Mexican versus U.S. postal codes in these cases can be set in the File menu > Application Settings Geocoding.

Canadian Locations

Canadian postal codes can be entered only if the separate PC*MILER Canadian Postal Codes add-on data module is installed.

If the Canadian Postal Codes module is not installed, Canadian place names can be entered using the city name and province abbreviation. 


montreal, qc

ottawa on 

NL” is recognized as Newfoundland and Labrador unless this setting has been changed to mean Nuevo Leon using in File menu > Application Settings > Geocoding.

To enter a location name that includes one or more accented letters (for example, Felipe Ángeles, CI), either 1) use the postal code, or 2) use the Insert > Symbol option in Microsoft® Word or Excel® to type the location name and then copy and paste into the route window in PC*MILER.