PC*MILER is shipped with a Default Rating route profile suitable for 48-foot semi-trailer trucks in North America. It applies the options listed below to each new route. The PC*MILER Default Rating profile can be edited but not deleted.

Go here to learn how to create your own default profile with your preferred vehicle dimensions and settings.

Route Type: Practical

Vehicle Type: Truck (48 ft.)  80,000 lbs.  5-axle

Dimensions:  L = 48 ft.   W= 96 in. or less   H= 13 ft. 6 in. 

Toll Roads: Allowed

Ferries: Allowed

Governor (Maximum) Speed Limit: Disabled

HazMat: None

Road Network: None

International Borders: Open

Custom Roads: Ignore Route Modifiers

Elevation: Any

Roads:  Highway only*

Size and Weight Restrictions: Use

Hub Routing: Disabled

Sites Routing: Use

Tolls: Calculate tolls and use discount programs (Tolls add-on required)

Weather Alerts: Disabled (Weather add-on required for alerts)

* The default for this option is Highway & Streets if the Streets add-on is installed.