To generate a route that ignores commercial truck restrictions, you can: 

1. Use the PC*MILER Full-size Van route profile, which is intended for use with vans, pickup trucks, SUVs, and automobiles that are classed less than 9,000 lbs./4,082 kgs.

2. Or, enter your own vehicle dimensions that conform to the criteria for automobile routing in PC*MILER. Those criteria are as follows (all criteria must be met): 

    • 2 axles; 

    • less than or equal to 9,000 pounds/4,082 kilograms in weight; • less than or equal to 7 feet/2.133 meters in height; 

    • less than or equal to 20 feet/6.096 meters in length; 

    • less than or equal to 96 inches/2.438 meters in width.  

Automobile routing will relax all regulations that pertain to trucks, allowing the route to take advantage of parkways and other roads that larger, heavier commercial vehicles are prohibited from using. PC*MILER will also use toll rates that apply to 4-tire vehicles with 2-axles, which often differ from rates that apply to 6-tire 2-axle vehicles. (The Tolls add-on must be installed.)