Before Launching BatchPro

1.   Open Notepad.

2.   Copy and paste the below information.

KCS  East St Louis       IL Chicago             IL
CPRS Montreal            PQ Detroit             MI
CN   Vancouver           BC Toronto             ON

3.   Choose File > Save As.  Set the filename as ""  

Note: All "input" files must end with the .in extension.  You will need to change the Type to All Files.

4.   Create a .cfg file that represents the data inside  Please use Notepad for this as well.  An example is below:

[Batch File Options]

[Batch Processor Options]

[Batch Report Options]

[Batch Route Options]

5.   Choose File > Save As.  Set the filename as "Example.cfg".  Remember to change the Type to All Files.

6.   Launch Rail-BatchPro.  At first it will look like this:

7.   Under Input File. choose Browse.  Navigate to your file.  Do the same for Configuration File.  Your user interface should now look like this:

Note: If you forgot to choose Report options in the .cfg file, it is not too late.  You may check what you need under "Optional".  For this example, we will be checking "Detailed Report (.RPT File)".

8.   Choose Run.  Head to the Output Report File location.  It will be in the same folder as your .in file.  Open it using Notepad.  The .out file should look like this:

KCS  East St Louis       IL Chicago             IL   810.3      
CPRS Montreal            PQ Detroit             MI   572.3    
CN   Vancouver           BC Toronto             ON  2754.3    

9.   Since Detailed Report was checked, a .RPT file was created in the same area as well.  Open it using notepad.  A small sample of the .RPT file should look like this:

Report for Line# 1 in OUT file:

East St Louis, IL (KCS) to Chicago, IL (KCS)
810.3 Miles, Practical, Include Intermodal-Only

RRSTStation NameLeg MilesTotal Miles

Origin: East St Louis, IL
KCSILQ Tower     0.3     0.3
KCSILK Tower     0.2     0.5
KCSILVenice Jct     0.8     1.3
KCSILVenice     0.8     2.1
KCSILWr Tower     3.5     5.6
KCSILGranite City     0.1     5.7
KCSILNameoki     2.7     8.4
KCSILMitchell     3.2    11.6
KCSILLenox     0.1    11.7
KCSILHartford     4.4    16.1
KCSILWood River     2.1    18.2
KCSILWann     0.9    19.1
KCSILEast Alton     0.5    19.6
KCSILUpper Alton     2.9    22.5
KCSILGodfrey     4.0    26.5
KCSILDelhi     7.8    34.3
KCSILJerseyville     6.6    40.9

Note: The .RPT will output a large amount of data.  Above is only a small sample of the .RPT file.