(The Traffic add-on must be licensed and installed)  Fastest routing uses historical traffic data (road speeds) to calculate the quickest route based on the day of the week and the time of day that has been set for a route. Users who ship time-sensitive freight can select a Fastest route that may be longer in distance but save time over the standard Practical route.

When you select Fastest routing in Route Options or the current routing profile, you will be given the option in the route window to select a departure or an arrival time day and time. That information is used to generate the fastest route, as well as more accurate ETA estimates.  

Additionally, Least Cost routing now considers Fastest and Fastest with Toll Avoidance route types, increasing the number of routes considered to six. Users can opt to utilize Least Cost routing to select the route that arrives on time but costs the least, using default or user-specified costs.