PC*MILER BatchPro is a batch processing add-on created for use with PC*MILER. BatchPro gives PC*MILER the power and flexibility to handle tasks such as generating distance totals and cost estimates for large volumes of origin and destination records. 

Instead of entering and running routes one-by-one as you normally would in PC*MILER, you can use BatchPro to automatically process a large database of origin and destination records created using an electronic spreadsheet program, a database management program, or a text file editor.

How BatchPro Works

  1. The name of your input file is entered in BatchPro.  
  2. When processing is initiated, BatchPro produces report files with the same name and different extensions.  
  3. These output files are placed in the directory in which the input file is located.

BatchPro can be licensed for use on a LAN. See your sales agent or call us for details.

System Requirements

PC*MILER BatchPro requires a base installation of PC*MILER. The BatchPro application requires 7.5 MB extra free space on your hard disk. More information on PC*MILER platforms and requirements is available here


PC*MILER BatchPro is a separately licensed PC*MILER add-on product that can be purchased and installed with PC*MILER or at a later time. To install BatchPro along with PC*MILER, simply make sure that “BatchPro” is on the list of PC*MILER components when you are prompted during the installation process.

If you are installing BatchPro at a later time, go here

To open PC*MILER BatchPro after installation, click on the Windows Start menu > All Apps (or equivalent) > (PC*MILER DIRECTORY) and choose “BatchPro”.