PC*MILER for the AS/400 works by connecting a Windows PC to your AS/400. The PC provides mileage lookups to the AS/400 via data queues.  

Generally, there is one common input or request queue that all users write to, with each user having their own output queue. The PC listens to the input queue for mileage request packets. Within each mileage request packet is the name of the user’s output queue. The PC does a destructive read of the request packet, processes the request, and writes to the specified user’s output queue.


PC*MILER for the AS/400 was developed using the data queue facilities of IBM’s Client Access Express and, starting with PC*MILER 33, now supports IBM i Access Client Solutions. You must have one of these connectivity products installed and properly configured on the mileage server PC.

System Requirements

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Required PC to AS/400 Connectivity Software is not provided. You need IBM’s Client Access Express or IBM i Access Client Solutions.