This Geocode File includes a list of data records for cities and postal codes in Europe that are accessible in PC*MILER (see license requirements below). It includes the same information as the Europe City and Postal Code File with the addition of latitude/longitude coordinates also listed per record. The file is comma delimited and sorted in ascending order based on the country abbreviation then city name.



A base license of the corresponding version for at least one of the following PC*MILER products, and an additional fee, are required before this Geocode File can be provided:

  • PC*MILER with PC*MILER|Worldwide Highway and/or Street-level data included
  • PC*MILER with DTOD Data Add-on included
  • PC*MILER Web Services at the Standard-Worldwide Feature Level
  • PC*MILER Web Services at the Premium-Worldwide Feature Level




  • Country abbreviations included in this file are FIPS codes.
  • This file is in Unicode format and includes characters outside the 0 to 127 ASCII range. Some place names do have special characters such as Õ, é, and ü. This file must be opened using UTF-8 or Arial Unicode MS format so that all characters display appropriately.
  • Latitude/longitude values are included without the decimal point. They are to be interpreted as ddd.dddddd. (The integer values need to be divided by 1 million to obtain the latitude and longitude in decimal format.)
  • This file only includes data released in the base version related to the Geocode File purchased. It does not include information added for a relatable quarterly data update.
  • In countries outside of North America, the "County" qualifier is also referred to as prefectures, subsections, districts, provinces, and territories. Not all countries have county and Postal Code information available in the database.
  • In the file excerpt, the Region abbreviations are as follows: "EU" represents Europe.
  • For a list of the jurisdictions available in these files: U.S. states and Canadian provinces, Mexican estados and Worldwide countries.


  • For Version 23.1 (and older) Geocode Files the "County" category is not included.  The File Excerpt for these versions will read as placename,country,region,postalcode.