In PC*MILER, you can customize routes by avoiding or favoring certain roads or assigning your own names and location information to exact places on the map—from important businesses to rest and fuel stops. In past versions, the tools to create these customizations were part of the PC*MILER desktop program.

Starting with PC*MILER 32, these tools are now available in the Content Tools web tool. In Content Tools, you can create and securely save your custom location content and then share it with your PC*MILER desktop program for route planning.

Content Tools allows your company’s customizations to be shared among multiple users and accessed as needed by all of your licensed products—including PC*MILER, CoPilot and Trimble MAPS (formerly ALK Maps). Content Tools provides a secure backup of your data and can help ensure companywide consistency in truck routing and rating.

The custom data now managed in Content Tools that can be shared with PC*MILER includes:

  • Places ­ – Your own custom place names for business locations or points of interest.
  • Sites – A pre-defined boundary polygon around the perimeter of a Place with site-specific details such as entrances and exits for trucks.
  • Road Closures – Closures on specific road links.
  • Route Modifiers – Road links that should be avoided or favored when generating a route.

Getting Started with Content Tools

Content Tools is part of our cloud-based ecosystem of web tools that can be accessed through a single login, called an ALK ID. To get started: