• Check for Updates opens the PC*MILER|Rail Updater tool, which allows you to download any available software patches and data updates.
  • Proxy Setup opens a dialog to set up a proxy server when connecting to the Internet.
  • News and Alerts links to the Trimble MAPS blog, which provides the latest product and company news.
  • About opens a window with Copyrights and information about your software, including your Product License Key, Software Version and Data Version.
  • The License Tool allows you to add, view or deactivate licensed components of PC*MILER|Rail.


  • The Support Center, the website you're currently viewing, includes the PC*MILER|Rail user guide and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).
  • Product Training Resources are videos, webinars and other tutorials on how to use PC*MILER|Rail.
  • The Remote Support Tool lets you give our technical support agents access to your computer desktop to solve problems.