RELEASE DATE: June 23, 2021

Highlights of the latest version release of PC*MILER 

Note: Please also see our PC*MILER 32,  PC*MILER 33, and PC*MILER 34 release notes if you are upgrading from an earlier version of PC*MILER and want to check out all of its new capabilities.

User Interface 

PC*MILER Web Services Spreadsheets

(Requires Web Services license) PC*MILER rating distances, drive times, tolls, and location information can now be generated using a web-based add-in for Microsoft Excel. Unlike the traditional PC*MILER Spreadsheets program, PC*MILER Web Services Spreadsheets data does not need to be saved locally on a computer or server. Data is called from the web as needed for calculations. 

Routing and Data Improvements

With each new version, PC*MILER's routing algorithm and map data are enhanced to generate the best routes for your vehicles, as well as the most accurate travel times and distances. This year's improvements include:

  • Road speeds. Default road speeds have been improved to provide better estimated travel times.
  • Routing on major roads. The routing algorithm has been improved to avoid generating routes that leave a major road only to later return to it.
  • Turns on multi-road intersections. The routing algorithm can also better handle turns at complex intersections of multiple roads.
  • Routing to Sites. When Sites routing is turned on in Routing Preferences, the Site information is better incorporated into the route.
  • Metric precision.  For improved accuracy, raw road data is now stored in metric units in countries that use the metric system. This avoids the need for conversions from imperial units.  
  • Updated toll data.(Requires toll data add-on) Toll data was updated in the following U.S. states and Canadian provinces: California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Northwest Territories, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, Virginia
  • Improved street-level map data, including weight limits, vertical clearances and truck through-travel restrictions. (Requires streets data add-on) 
  • Newly constructed roads and exit interchanges.
  • New Trimble MAPS Verified Places with Sites.
  • Long-term road closures such as the I-65/I-70 closure in Indianapolis.

Read more about recent updates to Trimble MAPS data in North America.

Add Durations to Stops

(North America Only) To improve ETA accuracy, stop durations can now be added for each stop on a trip via the HOS Manager, even without applying additional HOS settings. To add stop durations, enter all of the stops on your trip in the Route Window. Next, click on HOS Manager and check the Include Stop Duration (Optional) box. Enter a duration in hours for each stop and click on Save to finish. The stop duration appears in the Route Window.

New Toll Discount Program

(Requires toll data add-on) A new toll discount program, EZPass-NY, has been added to PC*MILER for use in toll cost calculation. The full list of toll discount programs can be viewed in the File menu > Application Settings > Tolls

Save Favorite Profiles

Vehicle Routing Profiles marked as favorites are now saved and retained when PC*MILER is closed and re-opened. Profiles help PC*MILER generate an optimal route by considering the type of vehicle that you are driving, as well as your preferences for how that vehicle should be routed.

Delete Preset Profiles

PC*MILER is shipped with a selection of preset Vehicle Routing Profiles based on the most common types of commercial vehicles in each worldwide region. Those preset Profiles can now be deleted from PC*MILER if you don’t want to use them.  

Integration Products

Complimentary Connect Compatibility Review

Customers who integrate PC*MILER with our PC*MILER Connect Windows DLL can take advantage of a free service to ensure version 35 works smoothly with an existing implementation. Our team will use logs from Connect to see how your API calls from a previous version respond in a PC*MILER 35, and recommend updates as needed. Click Submit Ticket at the top of your screen to contact our Support Team about this service.

Set Routes to Avoid Ferries in pcmserve.ini

A setting was added to the pcmserve.ini file that allows you to avoid ferries for all routes. Change the pcmserve.ini setting below to true to avoid ferries. (It defaults to false.) 



SPLCs in AS/400

Standard Point Location Codes (SPLCs) can be licensed and used as stops on a route in PC*MILER for the AS/400. This feature generates accurate mileage to U.S. Department of Defense locations that are identified by SPLCs.

Reverse Geocoding in Multi-Version Switch for AS/400

PC*MILER for the AS/400 supports reverse geocoding across multiple versions. Reverse geocoding takes in an address and returns latitude/longitude coordinates.

Multi-Version Switch for Windows Route "Breadcrumb" Trail

Multi-Version Switch for Windows can return a sequence of latitudes/longitudes along a route, using the PCMSLatLongsEnRoute API. This list can be used to help determine where to stop for fuel and driver rest breaks to comply with Hours of Service requirements.