PC*MILER Energy, a map data add-on that provides energy roads and survey addresses for the oil and gas industry, is being discontinued after PC*MILER 35. However, the energy roads that are part of this data set are now included in the standard PC*MILER street-level map data, making it easier than ever to plan routes in and out of well sites and other facilities.


What caused this change?

PC*MILER Energy data includes two components: mapped energy roads and land survey addresses that can be entered in the PC*MILER user interface as stop locations when building a route. The company that provided our survey addresses is no longer in business, which led to our decision to discontinue PC*MILER Energy. 


What is happening with energy roads?

Starting with PC*MILER 35, energy roads are now part of the standard maps for customers who purchase street-level data. 

With this change:

  • You no longer need to change the map data set in the PC*MILER user interface when generating routes that require energy roads. Those roads will be available in the standard "Streets North America" data.
  • Roads that provide access into and out of well sites and other energy-related facilities are still classified as “Energy Roads” on the PC*MILER map and in reports.


We hope this change provides a better experience for customers who have traditionally used the PC*MILER Energy add-on. If you have questions, please contact your Trimble Maps sales representative.