When an additional add-on/feature is purchased, you will receive a new product key. If you have an existing installation of that version already, please follow the below steps:

  1. In Windows, open License Status (Start > All Apps > PC*MILER (##) > License Status).
  2. Click Deactivate to deactivate the current product key. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  3. Once the license is deactivated, choose Add License and input your new product key. Follow the onscreen instructions to activate.
  4. Navigate to your PC*MILER download folder. If you are unsure of its location, you may download PC*MILER again from your new Sales Order/Product Key email, sent by orders@trimblemaps.com.
  5. Ensure that the download is unzipped, then run setup.exe. Select Modify in the installation options. This will install the features unlocked by your new product key.

You may also apply the new features by uninstalling PC*MILER, and reinstalling using the new product key.