There are two lat/long formats that can be used in PC*MILER:

Degrees-minutes-seconds format

In degrees-minutes-seconds format, the latitude and longitude are each 8-character strings in the following format:

  • Characters 1-3 specify the degrees (be sure to include leading zero if required)
  • Characters 4-5 specify the minutes
  • Characters 6-7 specify the seconds
  • Character 8 is either 'N', 'n', 'W', or 'w' with N for latitude and W for longitude 

Latitude and longitude must be separated by a comma WITHOUT A SPACE. In general the format for a point is: 


Decimal degrees format

In decimal degrees format, latitude and longitude are strings of characters representing a decimal number. (We recommend 6 decimal places for the most accuracy. No leading zeros are required. In general, the format for a point is: dd.ddddddN,dddd.ddddddW

In PC*MILER Worldwide, latitudes could also be 'S' or 's', and longitude could also be 'E' or 'e', depending on the geographic region of the location.