By default, PC*MILER generates routes and mileage for large, heavy trucks of a particular size and weight (in North America, 5-axle tractor-semitrailer combination, 96" wide, 48' long trailer, 13' 6" high, 80,000 lbs GVW). Routing for 102" wide 53' long trailers and 28' twin trailers is available using the “State + National Network” routing option. You can route other sizes and weights of trucks by setting vehicle dimensions, choosing among pre-defined route profiles or creating your own user-defined route profiles. 

Additionally, a setting that overrides size and weight restrictions is available as a route option or route profile option. This setting relaxes truck restrictions for particular sizes and weights, but still avoids roads that are prohibited to or discouraged for trucks. If a resulting route uses any roads that have restrictions for particular sizes and weights, the Detailed Route Report will list them. This allows you to determine the largest or heaviest vehicle you can assign to drive that route.  

PC*MILER also includes a routing option specifically for automobiles and other light vehicles (vans, pickup trucks, SUVs, etc.) that relaxes all truck and commercial vehicle regulations.

By default PC*MILER does not override restrictions, so routing will avoid both truck-prohibited and truck-discouraged roads, as well as truck-restricted roads that pertain to the size and weight set in the current route profile. In addition, nationwide 13' 6" height restrictions are taken into account.