PC*MILER generates point-to-point mileage, routes, and driving instructions over the complete highway system in North America, including Greenland, Puerto Rico, St. Pierre and Miquelon, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. It can be supplemented with the PC*MILER|Worldwide global highway network as a separate purchase.

PC*MILER will calculate an unlimited number of routes and mileage on a single personal computer or a network installation.

PC*MILER calculates mileage for an origin-destination pair of locations with intermediate stop-off points.  It provides leg and cumulative mileage, time and cost estimates, state/country distance summaries, driving directions, and  much more. PC*MILER provides Practical, Shortest, Fastest, and Least Cost routing, as well as additional options in North America for National Network plus 53'/102'' trailer or twins, Toll Discouraged, and Hazardous Material routing and local street networks.

The latest version, PC*MILER 32, includes the following major features:

  • Multiple Route Types and Options – PC*MILER route types and route options cover a wide range of routing and planning needs, with the ability to create and save custom route profiles for quick access to options you use the most.
  • ETA/ETD – Users can define a departure or arrival time for more precise calculation of ETA/ETD.
  • Places & Fuel Stop Search Along a Route – A Places search tool lets you search for places of interest, including fuel stops and prices, along a route or within a specified radius from within a route window.
  • Maps and Reports that can be exported via clipboard for use with spreadsheet, word processing and database software – including detailed route reports and driving instructions.
  • Toll Cost Calculation with the purchase of the PC*MILER|Tolls add-on. (U.S. and Canada only) 
  • Optional Hours of Service (HOS) trip management, with HOS-compliant  rest stops and breaks inserted along the route.
  • PC*MILER|Traffic – Provides an optional traffic data feed for more realistic transit times and real-time, historical or typical traffic displayed on the map (North America only, PC*MILER|Traffic license required)
  • PC*MILER|Weather – Provides weather reporting and weather alerts along the route, including road surface condition reports.  (PC*MILER|Weather license required)
  • Unlimited number of stop-off locations. 
  • Multiple route generation with on-screen comparison reports to determine the best route.
  • County/province name designations for U.S. and international locations.
  • Comprehensive height and weight restrictions, including for 53'/102'' trailer or twins.
  • Least Cost Routing – Least Cost routing generates several alternative routes based on multiple user-specified trip cost values. 
  • Fastest Routing – In addition to standard PC*MILER Practical and Shortest route types, Fastest routing calculates the quickest feasible way to get to a destination.  (North America only, PC*MILER|Traffic required)
  • Route Optimization to resequence stops in the most efficient order on a route.
  • Custom Route Modifiers to create and manage multiple sets of routing preferences.
  • Drag Route Feature and Via Points for customized routing.
  • User-specified vehicle dimensions for routing and toll calculation (includes an automobile routing option for vehicles classed less than 9,000 lbs./4,082 kgs.). (PC*MILER|Tolls required for toll cost calculation)
  • Places database with customizable categories.
  • Location Radius – For rate determination and operations planning, this tool lets you search for cities, ZIP/postal codes and towns within a specified mileage radius around any location.
  • Elevation Discouraged routing lets users set a customized limit on the elevation of the roads a route will use.
  • Greenhouse Gas Estimator – For estimating greenhouse gas emissions by route.
  • Custom Place Names to conform to the name of your facilities and customer locations.
  • Integration with ALK Content Tools, a web tool where you can create, manage and share custom location and routing content.
  • Geofence Tools – Create geofenced areas on the map and have PC*MILER avoid these areas or send a warning if routes travel in or out of them.
  • Ability to point and click on the map to select origin, stop-offs and destination, plus mouse-driven map customization.
  • Custom cost estimates for empty/loaded miles.
  • Custom average road speed estimates.
  • Hub mode that determines routing, total mileage and state mileage summaries from one origin point to unlimited destinations.
  • State/Country distance summaries including ferry miles.
  • Latitude/Longitude routing that generates point to point routes and mileage between lat/long coordinates.
  • Online Help – The PC*MILER User’s Guide is easily accessible from within the application.
  • U.S. Department of Defense compliance.
  • The complete North American highway network that includes the United States, Canada, and Mexico plus Greenland, Puerto Rico, St. Pierre and Miquelon, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • ALK Technologies’ complete Worldwide Highway Network, updated yearly to include the most current data available. (PC*MILER|Worldwide or DTOD Data required for global routing)
  • Optional add-on data modules for street-level addresses and map detail in the United States and Canada, Europe, India, and available countries in Africa, the Middle East, Oceania and South America. (PC*MILER|Worldwide required for address data outside North America)
  • Optional add-on data module for Hazardous Material routing. (PC*MILER|Hazmat add-on module required)
  • Optional add-on data module that provides an Integrated Energy-focused Map Data Set for the oil and gas industry.  (North America only, PC*MILER|Energy license required)

The PC*MILER Highway Database

PC*MILER products are based on ALK Technologies' proprietary computer representation of the North American and Worldwide highway systems. The distances contained in PC*MILER are derived from official highway maps obtained from state, provincial, and national governments, state DOT maps, county maps, local maps, and information received from thousands of industry contacts. U.S. Interstate, Federal and truck-specific State highways are included. 

Each new version of PC*MILER features thousands of new and updated North American road miles and locations including: bridges and tunnels, border crossings, highway exits, truck stops, state weigh stations, CAT Scale weigh stations, five-digit U.S. ZIP codes, U.S. Department of Defense military installations, commercial truck restrictions in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, plus highway junctions and hundreds of thousands of cities, towns, and places of interest.


With the purchase of separate add-on data modules, updated databases of Canadian Postal Codes, SPLC, and comprehensive U.S. federal, state, and local Hazardous Material restrictions and designations are available as well. In addition, ALK offers several other regularly updated add-on data modules for use with the base PC*MILER product: PC*MILER|Streets for address-to-address routing (see below); PC*MILER|Energy for oil and gas specific data and facilities; PC*MILER|Worldwide for global point-to-point routing; PC*MILER|Tolls for toll calculation.