If you receive a fatal exception when trying to launch PC*MILER 31, the error should mention a log file and its location.

Go to the log file. (Default Location: C:\ALK Technologies\PCMILER31\App\alk_exception######.log)

Log Message Description
Source: ALK.PCMiler.App._switchStartupError

Message: Critical Failure in PC*MILER Startup. Certain files may be missing from the current environment.
There are missing or corrupt files in your PC*MILER directory.

PC*MILER 31 will require a re-installation. Uninstall the product using Programs and Features. Reinstall using the media/download for standalone or host installations. Workstation setups would use their host server's \Network\folder.
Blank Log File.  (0 kb)Please ensure that all software prerequisites are installed.
Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redist 32-bit/64-bit
Microsoft .NET 4.6.2