PC*MILER BatchPro allows you to set many of the same route options available when generating routes in the main PC*MILER user interface.

Route Type

To select a PC*MILER route type for BatchPro's route calculations, first click one of the radio buttons for Practical, Shortest, Fastest or Air Distance. Practical, Shortest or Fastest routing can also, optionally, be combined with State + National Network routing (U.S. only). Learn more about PC*MILER Route Types. 

Distance Units

BatchPro will report the distances between cities in the units you prefer. Use the drop-down to select Miles or Kilometers as a unit of measure for the distances that will be generated.


If HazMat is licensed and installed, you can choose from Hazmat routing options

Toll Options

If the Tolls add-on is licensed and installed, you can calculate toll fees by selecting either “Cash Tolls” or “Discount Tolls” under Toll Options. The .TOL report option must be checked under Reports to generate output that includes toll amounts for each origin-destination pair. (Note, though, that the .STA (state summary) report does include tolls by state and a total toll cost for all origin and destination pairs.) Learn more about toll settings.

Use Highway Only

If the Streets add-on is licensed and installed, this feature allows you to customize the way distances are calculated. When this option is checked, routes are calculated using an air distance from the midpoint of the nearest highway segment to the local street address.

If only ZIP codes or city/states are used for origins/destinations, this routing will match PC*MILER highway routing. If the option is left unchecked, the routes and driving distances are calculated using local streets between the nearest highway segment and each stop.


North America is the default region for PC*MILER. If PC*MILER Worldwide is licensed and installed, you can select one of seven world regions from the drop-down (North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East or Oceania).



Check one or more BatchPro output file types. Output files will have the same name as your input file, and will be differentiated by their extensions. They are placed in the folder where your input file is located.

  • The appended mileage output file has the extension .OUT. 
  • The state summary file has the extension .STA.  
  • The mileage file has the extension .MIL.
  • The toll calculation file has the extension .TOL.

ETA/ETD Options

To use time-based routing in BatchPro, either Arrive or Depart must be selected in the drop-down list under Time Settings. Routes will be calculated to arrive or depart by the day and time indicated in the other Time Settings drop-downs.

If PC*MILER|Traffic is licensed and installed, you can check Use Traffic Data traffic data for more precise travel times. Learn more about time-based routing in PC*MILER. 

Additional Options

Check Borders Open to have BatchPro process your input file with open borders. This option refers to Intra-US, Intra-Canada, and Intra-Mexico routing. If Borders Open is checked, the route you generate will ignore international boundaries when necessary to come up with the best route. If this option is not checked, the borders will not be crossed.

Check Use Custom Roads to have BatchPro use any custom road settings that were set in PC*MILER (including avoids/favors, truck restriction overrides, and hazmat permits).

Check Restrictions Off to generate routes that waive truck restrictions pertaining to specific sizes and weights, but that continue to avoid truck-prohibited and truck-discouraged roads. When this option is active, all height, length, width and weight restrictions will be overridden. NOTE for Streets add-on Users:  An error message will appear if you attempt to enter an address that is on a truck-prohibited road.  

Check Time Estimate and/or Cost Estimate to have BatchPro include time or cost estimates for trip legs in your output files.  When calculating these estimates, BatchPro uses parameters set in the Route Options dialog box in PC*MILER.  

Check Ferry Distances to include ferry distances in mileage and cost calculations. When unchecked, routes will still use ferries but won’t include ferry distance in the reported mileage and cost. Travel times are not affected.