For the final stop of our Guided Tour, it's time to make some lasting memories. PC*MILER lets you save routes for future use. We’re going to save Route 1 to disk now:

1. With the Route 1 window active, in the Routes tab select Save > Save Route As or use the <Ctrl+S> keyboard shortcut.

2. In the Save Route window, choose the drive and folder on your hard drive where you want to save the route. 

3. Type a file name such as “AugME-CharSC” in the File Name field. The file extension “.trp” will be added by default to this name. 

4. Click Save to save Route 1 to your hard drive for future retrieval. 

5. Try opening this saved route: close the Route 1 window, then select the Routes tab > Open, locate the file and click Open.

You Did It!

Congrats on making it to the end of the PC*MILER guided tour. In just minutes (we weren't counting), you calculated driving directions, maps and mileage for several routes and explored some of the many features that PC*MILER has to offer. 

If you're ready to take your PC*MILER knowledge to the next level, try a self-guided tour of some of the more advanced features below. Enjoy the journey! 

Customizing Trip Options

The routes that you generated in the Guided Tour were mostly calculated using default trip parameters. Try generating some sample routes with modified options, so you can see for yourself how these changes will affect driving directions and route calculations.  

Use the Route Options Dialog

Use the Route Options dialog to apply custom options to the currently open route. Select the gear button > Options in the Route 1 window. Then click through the Vehicle Dimensions, Routing Preferences, and Reporting Preferences tabs to see the parameters that can be edited.  Click the help button at the bottom of the dialog for route option descriptions.

Use Application Settings

Application settings affect all PC*MILER route calculations and determine the behavior of some features in the application. Application settings have a global effect on routes, maps and/or reports, and are likely to be changed infrequently. To open Application Settings, click the File menu > Application SettingsClick the help button at the bottom of the dialog for descriptions of these settings.

Use Route Profiles

Try selecting the Routes tab > Profiles and applying a route profile to a route. Route profiles enable users to create and save comprehensive sets of custom route options that can be quickly applied to routes. Click the help button at the bottom of the Manage Profiles dialog for help with using route profiles