In PC*MILER 31 and earlier, custom routing and location content (Custom Places and Avoids/Favors) were created in and stored with the PC*MILER application. Starting with PC*MILER 32, these features were moved to the ContentTools web tool.

If you are upgrading from PC*MILER 31 to a newer version, you will be prompted at the time of installation to transfer your custom location content to ContentTools.

PC*MILER 30 and older, however, are not fully compatible with ContentTools. 

If you want to import Custom Roads from PC*MILER 30 or older into a newer version, you will need to:

  • Create a flattened_af.dat file with your Custom Roads
  • Import that file into ContentTools

Below are instructions for this process. If you receive an error, please send the file to PC*MILER Support, and we will convert it to the latest format for you.

Step 1:

  • Browse to the ‘\PCMILERxx\App’ directory
  • Open user.cfg with Notepad

Step 2:

  • In the user.cfg, highlight [User Settings]

  • Replace with (Paste):
    [User Settings]

Step 3:

  • Re-launch PC*MILER
  • Once it is opened, then close it

You should now have a flattened_af.dat  file that can be imported into Content Tools

  • File name: flattened_af.dat
  • The location of the file can be found in the user.cfg file, in the LRSaveDir entry:

Step 4:

  • Log-in to Content Tools 
  • Select the Import  button under the Route Modifiers section

  • Choose to import to a New Set or Append to Set
    • If you are starting a new set – choose New Set
    • If you are adding to a pre-existing set that you  already created in Content Tools – choose Append  to Set
  • Create the Set Name
  • Browse and locate your flattened_af.dat file

  • Once that is done, you can now view your Route Modifiers in the left-panel in Content Tools