You have made a wise investment in PC*MILER, and now it’s time to get behind the keyboard and take your new software for a spin. We hope that by following this tour, step by step, you will become comfortable with the basic features of PC*MILER. You will also get a feel for how fast and easy it is to plan the best routes and get the most accurate rating information for your vehicles.

Please be aware that this tour uses Highway Only road data. Local street address data is available as an add-on, along with many other add-on data features including real-time traffic information, weather reporting and alerts, and hazmat routing for vehicles carrying hazardous materials.

Tour Format

It's best to complete each "Day" of the tour in a single sitting as you will re-use some of routes you create to explore various PC*MILER features. (Of course, you're welcome to complete both tour days in a single actual day.)

If you have additional questions as you go along, use the search bar above to explore our online Support Center for articles relating to all things PC*MILER.

Welcome aboard and we hope you enjoy the ride!

Tour Day 1: Basic Routing

  1. The PC*MILER Application Window
  2. Run a Route
  3. Search a Location Radius
  4. Explore the Map Window
  5. Duplicate and Change a Route
  6. View the Comparison Report
  7. Optimize a Route
  8. Least Cost Routing
  9. Hub Mode Routing
  10. Route to a Truck Stop

Tour Day 2: Custom Routing and Maps

  1. Customize Place Names
  2. Customize Routes to Avoid or Favor Roads
  3. Drag a Route
  4. Calculate ETA/ETD
  5. See Traffic on the Map
  6. Create and Edit a Geofence
  7. View and Print a Map
  8. View and Print Directions
  9. Save a Route