Geocode Files are exports of data records that contain locational information from the PC*MILER database – such as city names, place names, ZIP/Postal Codes, Standard Point Location Codes (SPLC), and latitude/longitude coordinates. These files are provided at an additional fee and are strictly for use in conjunction with the corresponding PC*MILER license purchased.

The available PC*MILER Geocode Files include:

Important Notes

Geocode Files can be opened in Notepad, WordPad or in a spreadsheets program. Due to the size of some files and the speed of the computer you are using, the files may take a few minutes to open. If you receive a message saying that Notepad or WordPad is not responding, we recommend using a different text file utility.

Some files may include Unicode text format and may list characters outside the 0 to 127 ASCII range. Within those files, some place names may include special characters such as Õ, é, and ü. We recommended that such files be opened using UTF-8 or Arial Unicode MS format so that all characters display appropriately. To do so, if you are using Notepad go to File > Open then make an appropriate selection in the Encoding drop down list before opening the file.

In some Geocode Files, you may see a double comma in a record. This indicates that the information for the identified category of data is not available in the database. For example, some files that include ZIP/Postal Codes do not include codes for every location; therefore, the ZIP/PostalCode category will show a double comma.

Files are based on database information included in the version release of PC*MILER. For some products, quarterly releases of ZIP Code data are available. There are no quarterly releases of this data in Geocode File format.

  • For files that include latitude/longitude coordinates, they are included without the decimal point and are interpreted as ddd.dddddd. (i.e. The integer values need to be divided by 1 million to obtain the latitude and longitude in decimal format.)

  • If you are looking for Mexican Postal Code information, please directly contact to purchase your own license for the GeoPC Mexico dataset. Trimble does not have a redistribution license with GeoPostcodes that would allow users to work with their postal code data in any context outside of its use within the PC*MILER application. For more information, please go to

File Usage Restrictions

All Geocode Files are copyrighted works of Trimble Inc. and its licensors. All rights reserved. Geocode Files are provided strictly for use in conjunction with the corresponding PC*MILER program license, on computers and by users for which the corresponding PC*MILER program and the files are legally licensed, as evidenced by a written Supplemental License Agreement signed by an authorized representative of the recipient. Usage contrary to the foregoing may be subject to civil and/or criminal penalties.